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When you choose to shop handmade, you'll notice the difference: Pouring love & Magick into packaging

There's nothing quite like the personal exchange when shopping from a small, independent & handmade business...

Did you ever go shopping on the high street and get the initial buzz from retail therapy, only for it to fade and leave you feeling a little, well... deflated? Because me too.
As a small handmade business I strive to change that experience, and make my customer's buying journeys shine with their own unique individual sparkles. From purchase to packaging, to arriving in your mail box, I want each step of the way to feel like you've bought someone's full time passion. Because trust me, you have!

packaging reviews for A Gift By GaiaA Gift By Gaia packaging review

If you're having trouble reading the small print on those reviews (I am) they mention always experiencing 'a comforting, warm feeling of love' when opening an AGBG package, and noticing the 'sheer thoughfulness'. I've never had a customer tell me they didn't enjoy their unboxing experience. Whether its reading your personalised hand-written thank you notes (yes I write them all!), or finding little loving affirmations written on the box, there's magick to be found in the smallest things. Because you are magick, and choosing to support small handmade businesses is a magickal act of kindness

Here's a little visual snippet from my average packaging day this week:

Yes it was whimsical. Yes I even wafted some delicious herbs over them and played a little tune on my Celtic Willow flute (a story for another day...) A little herbal energetic cleansing here and there never hurt anyone am I right?
Thanks to you, A Gift By Gaia was able to invest in more earthy, eco-conscious recyclable packaging, so you don't have to deal with that guilty feeling that lingers after discarding heaps of scary plastic! Right down to the mailing bags and tape to ensure a safe seal on its journey to you. 

Call me kooky (please go ahead!), but on my particularly witchy days I'll have a little chat with my orders and bless them a safe happy journey to you. 
Because you deserve all the happy warm fuzzy feels, and I swear that energy sticks.

I won't lie, I've seen businesses stamp a generic 'thank you' onto orders for faster shipping. And whilst that has its lovely rightful place in the packaging world, one of my highlights will always be taking that extra 5 minutes to hand write you your thank you note, and inscribe an intention for your chosen talisman. It helps seal the bond between talisman and wearer in my humble Witchy opinion!

I've had literal customer squeals, dances & tears (only the happy kind) after they've opened their handmade treat to themselves. And you know how I know that? Because you've messaged me to let me know, and tagged me in your gorgeous photos. This is what sets apart us small businesses from mass corporate chains. You want to chat with us and let us know when we've made you smile, and we always want to hear about it!

You're a special magickal lot, you are. 

A Gift By Gaia packaging 100% eco friendly

And don't get me started on your gorgeous styling selfies. This warrants a whole other blog post which believe you me, is coming soon!

Thank you for being true angels and shopping small, I will never stop loving you all!

Holly xx

A Gift By Gaia