Item Care

My creations are made using primarily Polymer clay and crystal. They are painted with an acrylic seal. They are made to be durable, however it is always advised to handle these items with care and respect. They are your very own piece of wearable art.

Please do not expose your items to water. This includes showering/bathing whilst wearing your item. Although the acrylic paint coating the clay acts as a seal it can damage over time if mistreated.

If your item requires dusting at any stage, you can do so gently with a soft brush.

Please note that the spiritual 'properties' used to describe the pieces are drawn from my own personal beliefs stemming from Paganism and are shared among other cultures. Not everyone resonates with this. My items are not substitutes for any physical & mental health therapy/treatments.

Please take care when handling your item. Avoid dressing/undressing when wearing your item. Avoid any strenuous physical activity when wearing your item and take care to place it somewhere safe and out of harm's reach when you are not wearing it. After all, a happy item makes a happy customer!