In Conversation with Mint Faery ~ Faeries, Witchcraft and communicating with the Plant world

Kicking off our first ever interview for the brand new blog series 'Inspiring a Magickally led life' is none other than the wonderful Mint Faery! Here, we talk working with the Fae, spiritual business ventures, Witchcraft and ofcourse our talismans.

In conversation with Mint Faery

Tell us about who Mint Faery is and what it is you do

Hello, I am Mint Siegel, also known as Mint Faery or Mint Faery Godmother on YouTube, Instagram and all over the internet. I am a practising Eclectic Witch. I've been practising for over 25 years now and it's something that I really enjoy. I like to call myself a fairy godmother because my purpose in my magick is to make people feel good, loved, feel taken care of and just to make them feel seen and heard. Love is 100% my goal in all the magic that I do.

I am a tarot card reader and a peer counsellor. I also have a YouTube channel which is my main source of income - YouTube and Tarot. I also make spiritual gifts and talismans that people can use.

I do mentorships and at my old job I used to counsel people on how to really hone their skills as a witch and to really learn the avenue that they wanted to take on as a witch. It's a really fun sort of thing to do to help someone grow in their witchcraft - It's one of my favourite things.

How long have you had a spiritually led business?

So I've had a spiritually led business for about...well, that's actually a hard question to answer because I've been reading Tarot for so long, for about 20 years now. I’ve been full time for about 10 years.

How did you get into reading the tarot/oracle for a living?

I started reading Tarot and Oracle more on a full time basis when I was a massage therapist, because it's one of those jobs where you have to be working constantly and if your clients aren't there, you're not getting paid. So I had to supplement with reading Tarot as well. It was a crazy time in my life because I was just hustling all the time, doing massage and spa treatments and then also running around doing Tarot in different places. Going to events, doing massage events, as a therapist and during that same event as a Tarot reader, it was quite a crazy time in my life.

Mint Faery in AGBG pumpkin moon talisman

What does being a witch mean to you?

It’s different for everyone of course, but for me personally, I chose witchcraft as a spiritual sort of source for myself: A way to really commune with nature and to understand how energy works and to use that understanding, to shift things in the direction that I wanted them to go in. More of having a relationship with this energy and this earth and this universe, this atmosphere that we're constantly in, that was my goal.

Being a Witch to me is being as close to our energetic sources as possible, being as close to nature as possible, being as close to spirit as possible, and finding peace within that.

How did you get into witchcraft?

I got into witchcraft as a very young child. There were certain traditions and interesting events in my family that I recognised as being magical, and when I went to explore that I was led to different avenues of Christianity mixed with Hoodoo and mixed with all sorts of cultural little tidbits that were kept in our family. Things that were passed down from generation to generation. I immediately latched on to herbs and plants: I absolutely adore them and I wanted to study more about them. Then I realised how closely I could work with magic through martial arts - I was also a martial artist. So I mixed martial arts, meditation and plant magic. That was like my beginning, the beginning of my craft. I was about 10 or 11 years old.

What are your favourite tools of divination for connecting with Spirit?

Honestly, meditation is my favourite tool. It has always been my favourite tool. I started meditating when I was a child - like I said I was a martial artist as a child - and so we would meditate every day before class and that was something that was so...I loved it you know, I really loved it. To me, it was a way to escape into this other world and really explore and build and connect in a different way.

What lights you up/brings you joy?

Oh my gosh, I am very easily pleased! I love life. I love everything about it: I love surprises, I love animals, I love cats, I love art, I love tea, I love cartoons, I love Bob's Burgers, I love Studio Ghibli; everything. I mean, everything brings me joy. My favourite thing to do in the world is laugh and smile. You know, everything.

Mint Faery A Gift By Gaia working with the Fae

Could you tell us about your journey with connecting to the Fae (eg how old were you when you first connected to them, how it has helped you in your life)

My journey connecting with the Fae has been such a tumultuous one. It started out when I had night terrors as a child. My night terrors were horrible and I would dream of these fairy creatures that were, you know, very odd looking and scary looking to a child. And when I woke up from the nightmare, I would still see them all around me, in my bedroom, in my house, and it was just terrifying, and that was my first introduction to the Fae. When I told my grandparents, my grandmothers on both sides, they were very well versed in these old wives tales, and they were telling me about what they were. One was like, "They're demons", and the other is like, " they're the little people and you have to relinquish your fear, you don't have to fear them, you can talk to them, you can commune with them. They're not scary"

I also went to therapy during this time, because I'm telling you, these night terrors were awful. And I felt a mixture of all those things that these adults were telling me.
I started to try to communicate with the Fae through my dreams and through waking life and trying to create a relationship that wasn't scary for me.

It has helped me so much to recognise that just because things are different looking, or they're not pretty, or you know, like, conventionally quote, unquote, "pretty" or because they don't look like Tinkerbell it doesn't mean that they're evil or that they're wrong or that they're bad. It also doesn't mean they're good, they love you and they want to hang out, but it definitely doesn't mean that they're bad, and I think about that all of the time.

In everyday life, when you see someone who has a really mean looking face, and you're just like "oh, I'm just gonna avoid them". But then they open their mouth and they speak and they're so happy and they're full of life, they're sweet and joyful, and you're like, "Oh, my God, I thought you were a jerk, and maybe they just had to burp or something!”

I think about that all the time that just because something looks scary or it seems weird or it's not something that you're used to seeing, it doesn't mean that you should avoid it. It's something that you can get to know and understand and learn about and it becomes something beautiful for you.

For people wanting to communicate with the Fae, how would you suggest going about this?

It took me a little while before I was able to see the Fae as being beautiful or beings that I could communicate with and work with. But once I started letting down those guards and those weird walls of, this is scary and hideous, and I started to see the beauty and the wonder in this world, I recognised that so many of the Fae are so beautiful. So interesting and very intriguing.

I definitely recommend for anybody, learn as much as you can about each different type of fairy especially in your area, wherever you live. There are fairies all over the entire world. They have different names, they have different cultural meanings, but they are all still a part of the same world. They're all Faery. As cultures and languages differ, they are called something else. But it is such a fascinating subject and I definitely recommend anyone who wants to work with them to study them first.

Mint Faery AGBG key talisman

What helps you to feel grounded?

This is like a multi-faceted question for me because something that helps me feel grounded in general...first thing I think of is ice baths. Honestly, I have terrible chronic vertigo and sometimes I literally feel like I'm floating out in space, and taking a cold bath or chilly bath makes me feel very grounded.

When I am in ritual, and I can feel my energy, it's like high on the ceiling, the thing that helps me to stay grounded then is dancing. Dancing really helps me to come back into my body and to feel my body and its movement. Bass and drums you know, that helps me to stay grounded. Sometimes I'll like stomp my feet or tap my feet when I'm outside to really feel the ground beneath me.

I also have antlers that I use just to have that like tactile feeling in my hand. I work with the stag very often and so that helps me feel very grounded, imagining the sturdiness and the strength of the stag or the sturdiness and the strength of trees.

Mint Faery A Gift By Gaia Ivy Talisman

How do your talismans make you feel?

My talismans make me feel powerful. They make me feel like a beacon, like I am recognised by my people when I'm wearing them. They make me feel like I'm recognised by the energies that I'm working with, and they hold my signature. They are all so unique, no two are the same. So having that unique and beautiful and very personal talisman: It elevates your power. It makes you feel so strong and so set in yourself. It's just a wonderful feeling.

My talismans are very important to me because they are something that I chose to help me on my spiritual path. That is like having a little buddy that's with you. It’s kind of like having a familiar that's there for the betterment of your spiritual growth.

It's a really special thing - I do have several talismans that I keep right by my bed, and sometimes I'll put them under my pillow. The talisman that has Ivy on it is so important to me because Ivy was one of the first things that I was drawn to as a child. It has a beautiful cleansing property as well as this prestigious sort of energy around it. Having my Ivy talisman with me really helps me to feel like I am elevated, like I'm elevating myself whenever I'm doing any kind of spiritual work.

Mint Faery A Gift By Gaia Ivy Talisman

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