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A Gift By Gaia has now morphed into a nomadic tiny home business on wheels! Each talisman is hand sculpted, painted and shipped directly from Holly’s self - built campervan.

A Gift By Gaia tiny home campervan, nomadic small business

A Gift By Gaia was established by Holly McSweeney in 2017. Inspired by Mother Nature's healing qualities, she began hand crafting unique crystal talismans on the kitchen table of her family childhood flat in West London. On a quest to create jewellery that matched her calling, she was able to nurture
her own haven inside the chaotic and fast-paced city. There she could channel her spiritual practices with Paganism and Eclectic Witchcraft to begin her path to healing.

I find the ways in which I adorn myself to be a method of healing as well as a tool for practicing magick. The colours, clothes, jewels and symbols we wear can represent who we are on a soul level. They can give us hope and motivation to move towards attaining the life we deserve, or honour where we are at right now with all we have experienced in life. They light a candle to manifesting what is meant for us. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated. It is a way to identify and move energy to ultimately create an outcome that is beneficial to your life and the world around you. Over the years, AGBG has dipped her toes in many creative rivers, yet the fundamentals have remained the same. To help you step into your own unique magick by adorning with intention. Handing you the keys to a world where your authentic freedom of expression merges together with the jewellery you wear proudly.’
Rooted in an ode to Gaia always.'

Holly McSweeney, founder of A Gift By Gaia
Goddess Beaded Crystal Talisman necklaces, A Gift By Gaia


For a deeper insight into Holly's creative journey, you can find her posting regularly on Instagram, Tiktok & Facebook (see social media links below)