A Gift By Gaia was established by Holly McSweeney in 2017. Inspired by nature's healing qualities, she began hand crafting unique crystal talismans on the kitchen table of her family childhood flat in West London. There she was able to create her own haven where she could channel her existence as a Solitary Witch, Pagan and Celtic heritage into her craft.

'My love for the magick of nature began as a young child. I made offerings to the Trees and Fae, whist developing a deep connection to Mother Nature's stones. My early adult experiences navigating through the fast-paced city life as a Pagan proved a real challenge at times, but this led me to create A Gift By Gaia. Finding pockets of natural solitude has been incredibly healing for me and a true source of inspiration through periods of darkness. Now I live in the heart of the English countryside, I am surrounded by this every day for which I am truly grateful. Every piece I make is charged with an intention: to comfort and remind its new owner of the beauty & healing magick that nature has to offer, whilst realising their own unique magick. Knowing that I can provide my customers with that feeling inspires me every day.'

For a deeper insight into Holly's creative journey, you can follow her Blog where she posts her thoughts, experiences and processes as a handmade small business owner. You can also find her posting regularly on Instagram (see social media links below)