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What is a Talisman?

A Talisman is an object with magickal properties that is typically carried on one's own person. Talismans are believed to have the ability to help heal & protect its owner. 
In the land of A Gift By Gaia, talismans take the form of beautiful, unique, handmade nature-inspired crystal jewellery.

A Gift By Gaia healing Pagan crystal beaded polymer clay talisman pendants

I create polymer clay crystal healing talismans for you, because of the stories you continue to tell me about how they have added to your life in some joyous way. Whether they have helped you to find magick in the way you see the world around you, develop more confidence in your unique gifts, calm you in times of stress, ground you or simply make you smile a little wider on any given day.

Keshie fresh water seed pearl blue aventurine ocean crystal Mermaid necklace by A Gift By Gaia. Handmade with polymer clay.

Quite magickally, it is this healing that also brings me healing. A glorious full circle mirror between maker and wearer.

One of my lovely customers Mia recently shared how her A Gift By Gaia talismans have healed an area of her life:
''I ordered two talisman pendants from you in 2021! They have really helped me with getting excited for Autumn instead of depressed like usual. Autumn for me meant the end of summer which was the end of happiness as I am such a spring/summer child. Even though my birthday is in October, I never felt connected to the Autumn. But now I do and wearing the talismans help me feel secure and appreciate Autumn for its own unique beauty. I don't get sad anymore."

A Gift By Gaia handmade polymer clay crystal healing talisman jewellery. Inspired by Paganism, Witchcraft & visual meditation.

Magick starts within you. The incremental steps and changes you take to manifest healing resides in putting yourself first. Treating yourself to a piece of handmade crystal jewellery counts! Honestly! You are literally telling the Universe that you are honouring your self-development, all the while looking gorgeous and unique for it. The crystals you are drawn to, you are drawn to for a reason. Take the signals and run with it. 

There are many ways you can take care of your talisman, but first I suggest you head over to our item care page and have a read of how to activate its magickal uses and how to care for it!

Magick is everywhere, if you choose to go looking for it.

With love and handmade hugs, 

Holly xx
A Gift By Gaia