We're moving into our Van!

I can't quite believe I get to write this... but A Gift By Gaia is moving...
On the Road!

It's been a dream of mine since my early 20's to live nomadically out of a van, and be able to sell my talisman jewellery to the world whilst adventuring. It all started with a Spell Jar; a little turmeric, a nine knot spell, rose petals and a whole lot of will power to begin the journey of manifesting the love of my life to share van life with.

Spell jars and manifesting my soul mate

Four years later and here we are! We have bought our 2003 Medium Wheel Base, Mercedes Sprinter van, to be converted into our dream rustic cabin on wheels. Which can only mean one thing in the world of AGBG...

A Gift By Gaia jewellery van shop on wheels

A Gift By Gaia will be existing on wheels!
I won't lie, the idea is pretty scary. But the good kind of scary where you feel simultaneously excited about life. I have a strong hunch that AGBG is going to step into itself and thrive. 
There's so much to consider here. How will I bake my polymer clay out of a van?? Can I secure a low wattage oven and hope for the best? Or will I be knocking on people's doors to cure my talismans in theirs? Where will I source internet for shop updates?
Where will I store everything?
Whatever happens, I'm beyond excited to share the journey unfolding with you all.

A Gift By Gaia Rob and Holly jewellery maker Mercedes Sprinter van camper conversion

So currently, the van looks like this. An empty shell. In many ways, its been a frustratingly slow start to begin converting it into a suitable living space. For starters, there was a hole in the roof, and it basically rained from October through to March with nowhere to store it under cover. 
Its currently in for welding and next week we will install a couple of windows. We also got over excited and bought a wood burner which will be interesting to fit inside. But, England am I right?

For the mean time, we've been deep diving into the world of YouTube, researching insulation, cladding, and (dare I say it), portable potty toilets!
The more Rob and I talk about the massive life change, the more aligned it feels. We know it won't be easy, but we also know how rewarding it will be to live so mindfully. And now more than ever, I am receiving Universal signs loud and clear that my choice to quit the world of horrible 9-5 jobs and pursue my once creative side-hustle full time, will make even more sense!

And believe me, AGBG has existed in smaller spaces throughout the years...

A Gift By Gaia polymer clay jewellery artist studios

So if you're curious to follow the journey of a Virgo jewellery-making witch living life and maintaining her creative business out of a van with her hilarious Libra boyfriend, stay tuned. Big things are happening around here in the world of AGBG.