How to be the perfect Houseplant Parent: Find your plant baby a friend with our Crystal Guardians!

With the mini shop update only a couple of days away, I wanted to take you on a little journey through where our Crystal Houseplant Guardians have been so far. In fact, after such a warm reception I decided to dedicate a blog post entirely to these special creations, in honour of restocking them on Friday!

But first, I wanted to introduce the latest Guardians to take centre stage, including a brand new Purple model! Earthy colours, whilst classic, aren't necessarily for everyone. I wanted to update the range with an ethereal shade embedded with Amethyst, the typical protective crystal to place in the home! A mushroom for the more cosmic Faeries out there!

So how do the Plant Guardians work exactly? 
Well, without further ado I took the time to make a short demonstrative video showing you how simple it really is to pop them in the soil!

It's really as simple as that! Built with a double wire stem, these babies are made to be durable and stand up straight, although it is advised you remove them when watering & return them to the soil once its not completely sodden!

So where did the last batch end up exactly? All over the UK it turns out! I absolutely love it when you tag AGBG in your customer photos showing off your new creations. It is truly heart warming to see you unite your plant babies with their new forever friend. Here's a few golden moments:

house plant guardian AGBG customer photos

To quote a couple of lovely customers:

" I literally ran the little guy straight up the stairs and popped it into the plant pot as soon as I got home from work. It's so cute and makes me so happy! "

"The MOST stunning I cannot cope! I am absolutely inlove with my mushroom and could not be happier!"

Notice all that happy energy there? It really encourages me to know that so many of you want to add magick to your beautiful homes. There is something about the iconic toadstool mushroom that inspires joy, whimsy and nurturing your inner child. And to have have a crystal around your plants cleanses the surrounding energies, encouraging your plant babies to grow happily and healthily! 

So, my wonderful Earthlings, if you missed out on snagging yourself a Plant Guardian last time, do not despair! There will be six brand new Guardians available on Friday the 10th of July at 19:00pm BST! (UK time).

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With handmade love and gratitude, 

Holly xx
A Gift By Gaia