Exciting News for A Gift By Gaia: We have a studio space!

I wanted to wait until it was all set up this coming March but I couldn't hold back any longer... We have a studio space!

A Gift By Gaia studio space craft room
(Me and my incredibly helpful life partner/guardian angel Rob painting the walls)

If you follow our Instagram you may know that we are moving to the English Countryside in West Sussex this coming March! Yes, you heard it right, A Gift By Gaia is finally leaving the Big Smoke to be closer to the environment that inspired the journey. I have lived in London for most of my entire life, and although it will always hold a special place in my heart, teaching me more than I could ever explain, I need to be closer to nature for my overall well being and the future of my business! And who could argue that this isn't heaven to be in every day?

West Sussex  Midhurst Forest

So not only am I incredibly grateful to be closer to Mother Nature, I am also lucky enough to be up-sizing to a bigger apartment with my very own studio room. For someone who has lived in tiny spaces her whole life, AGBG has had to grow accustomed to being packed away in boxes or squeezed onto corners of cluttered tables! To finally be able to stretch out into my own space is a dream come true. After years of hard graft to keep it all organised its taken everything in me to not throw all of my toys out the pram and exasperation-cry (we all need a bit of exasperation-crying secretly though right?...)

AGBG has worked with some seriously cosy nooks and crannies though, like our tiny flat in Ealing. Its been a wild ride, making this functional as a living space/dining area/bedroom/craft-studio all in one room! Here I have birthed new creations for AGBG on the back of an up-cycled cable reel:

Ealing A Gift By Gaia craft space
(The Ealing Flat)

You can read more about that here...
Its been a colourful journey, sometimes incredibly frustrating but it has taught me to stop. Breathe. And have some patience. 

We have a long way to go, but I cannot wait to start turning the new space into an enchanted Faery-Witch den! A new 2020 goal for AGBG is to create video content to keep you all up to date with the latest news! So expect studio tours, forest-inspo wanderings, and who knows, maybe some spell work...

Until next time, 
Have a blessed week.

Holly xx
A Gift By Gaia