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Wild Hare Totem Talisman
Wild Hare Totem Talisman
Wild Hare Totem Talisman

Wild Hare Totem Talisman

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Wild Hare is youthful and playful, peaking through the forest Ferns. Quick on her feet, she throws caution to the wind and lives her life with no regrets. An ode to your inner child, this talisman helps you to access your lighter side and to feel held by Mother Nature in all your chapters. 
Embedded with Prehnite and Black Tourmaline, the Earth stone, that vibrates Mother Earth’s frequency. Prehnite helps you to regain your faith in the world and to reunite with a more positive attitude to your life.

This item is sculpted with Polymer clay around an Oxyda plated metal ring in a bronze finish. Strung on clasped brown cotton cord.
Pendant measurements: 3.75” x 2”

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