Lavender Cleansing Bundles

Lavender Cleansing Bundles

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Cleansing objects and spaces of stagnant energy with herbs has been used across ancient traditions of witchcraft and spiritual practice.

Lavender is the herb long associated with inner peace. With its holistic benefits to remedy anxiety and insomnia, herbalists recommend the use of lavender to ease stress. Lavender is also a highly protective herb, used throughout ancient history to ward off negativity in and around sacred spaces.

Item sold individually:
1 x Dried Lavender cleansing bundle, hand strung with 100% hemp string. Each bundle gives off a beautiful aroma, attached to a beautiful hand sculpted charm engraved with the Earth symbol, to connect you to Mother Nature during your cleansing rituals.

Shedding is completely normal with dried Lavender. Please note that some shedding is to be expected during its journey to you, and will not affect how it burns. 
Upon purchasing a bundle, you take full responsibility for practising the correct fire safety standards with the inherent flammable nature of Lavender and its essential oils contained within its flowers. A Gift By Gaia is not responsible or legally liable for predicting how the bundle will burn. It is estimated that the bundle is usable for 1 - 5 burns depending on your experience and naturally occurring factors such as humidity or lack of, which again A Gift By Gaia is not responsible for predicting.

Please open the windows in your home to allow fresh air to pass through the space you are using the bundle in, and please burn your bundle in a fire proof area. Please do not use the kit if you suffer with any serious medical conditions or are sensitive to smoke. We are not responsible for any failure to follow our provided instructions or unwise fire safety behaviour. We cannot guarantee the amount of uses for each Lavender cleansing bundle.
Please be advised that upon placing your order you agree to the terms of use, and to the purchase agreement above.