Which Witch Are You? ~ A Gift By Gaia’s Modern Witchcraft Talismans

There are so many layers of magick behind every strand of witchcraft. Perhaps you identify as a Green Witch, finding strength among the trees and gathering herbs from the hedgerows. Maybe you’re a Kitchen Witch, pottering around the cupboards as you carefully select which nourishing spices you’ll add to your intentional stew. Or maybe, you embody many strands of witchery, and prefer to claim the stand alone term: Witch. 

Forest, Hearth, Kitchen & Lunar Witch A Gift By Gaia pendants

Whichever Witch you are, A Gift By Gaia offers a range of talisman pendants to adorn yourself in your craft. Reclaiming the word ‘Witch’ has risen over the years, in a way that helps folks to connect to their wild. Witch, deriving from ‘Wise’, was and still is a term to signify the healers of a community. 

A Gift By Gaia Witch talisman pendants

A Gift By Gaia’s Witch range has flown all around the world, to adorn Witches in their own unique Magick. I’ve had such fun delving into all strands of Witchery, learning what each one signifies. Most recently I created a talisman for the ‘Swamp Witch’. You can read more insights into these fabulous beings here.

A Gift By Gaia Swamp Witch Talisman

I myself practice Solitary Witch Craft, but it’s so comforting to know how many of us are out there, practising our magick, healing ourselves and inspiring others to do the same. 

Green Witch @amiifawn & Lunar Witch A Gift By Gaia

If you’re new to the craft, welcome to the coven Baby Witch! 
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Blessed be, 
Holly xx
A Gift By Gaia