Important Shipping Information: Navigating business through the pandemic

Hello dear souls, 

With everything going on with the world, it has been a strange year of adjustment and unknowing. I especially want to thank all of you who continue to support small businesses. I think its safe to say every small business owner was and continues to feel anxious about how this might affect sales as time goes by. But to see my business stay open brings me encouragement, comfort, and above all, hope so thank you deeply from the centre of my heart.

Whilst we are here I wanted to clarify some policies regarding postage whilst A Gift By Gaia continues to operate.

International Postage:

It has come to my attention that some international companies are restricting their borders for receiving international mail. Which countries this affects is changing daily. 
Currently, international postage channels remain operative as normal between the USA and UK.
Please check the status of your country's postal system for receiving international post prior to ordering from our shop!

Royal Mail has advised that all countries listed as 'on suspension' should not have items posted out to them.
For more information, please visit the link below, and visit the 'How we're working internationally' section: 

Order processing times

Due to social distancing laws and my own personal safety, I am limiting my trips to the Post Office. Please allow up to 1 week for me to process your order for shipping. 
Regarding Royal Mail shipping estimates, there are currently some delays due to the pandemic. Please allow some leeway in delivery estimates.

With any questions, feel free to pop me a message via our contact form

With immense love, gratitude & solidarity as always, 

Holly xx
A Gift By Gaia